Denpasar-Saturday, (04/20). Sunday (04/21) UKM Futsal held another STIKOM League 2019 event which took place at Tanjung Sari Futsal. STIKOM League itself is a tournament event held by UKM Futsal, this annual event is held to strengthen the solidarity between players from all over Bali, colliding skills mastered by each team.


The tournament, chaired by I Gede Tedy Prestya, raised the theme of Show Your Skill, Keep Sportive and Be a Winner, which was attended by 16 teams namely Wallet fc, Kriting fc, Crusher fc, STAI Denpasar, Bem IKIP, Teknik Udayana, Ewako fc, The KILL fc, Namaste fc, Avispa Negara, Platinum fc, Permata Indo fc, Bading Kayu fc, BBC fc, Smansaku 789 fc, and Bali Gooners fc. "The program continued with the elimination of Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D, where Platinum A won Platinum and runner-up was won by KILL fc. While group B won by SMANSAKU 789 fc with runer-up achieved by BBC fc. "The group C champion was won by STAI Denpasar, and runner-up Crusher fc. And the group D winner was won by the fc Wallet and Kriting fc as runner-up," said Gede Tedy Prestya.

Sunday (4/21) the tournament is continued from 5.00 pm. In the last 8, Platinum vs Crusher fc and then was continued by Smansaku 789 vs Kriting fc and STAI vs THE KILL fc and fc vs BBC Wallet fc. The semifinal round on field A, team Crusher fc competes against the fc Wallet won by Wallet fc with a score of 8-2, while field B, STAI Denpasar vs Kriting fc is won by the Kriting fc team with a score of 8-2. The race for 3rd place, namely the Crusher FC vs STAI Denpasar team on field A was won by the STAI Denpasar team with a score of 4-2.

The highlight of the event was the championship fight between the Wallet fc vs Kriting FC Jimbaran team which was won by the FC Wallet team so that the Kriting FC team came out as runner-up. The event was closed by representatives from the Senate and 3 Chair Assistant Representatives, as well as the delivery of prizes and trophies from the General Chair of the Futsal UKM, Balma, Senate and Assistant Chair 3 followed by a group photo.