Nusa Dua-In 2019 four technology-based startups or start-up assisted by the STIKOM Bali Business Incubator received the most grants from the Directorate of Technology-Based Beginning Companies (PPBT) Ministry of Research and Technology. "Last year we had two start-ups, and this year there were four start-ups that received green funds from the PPBT Directorate with a value of Rp 1.3 billion and this was very encouraging. The good news is this time that only STMIK category in Indonesia that received that much grant , "Dadang said at the XXIV STIKOM Bali graduation on Saturday (4/27/2019).

"We can be proud, STIKOM Bali gets the most grants for the IT high school category. In addition to grants, for ranking issued by Kemenristek Dikti, we also become number one for the category of IT high schools throughout Indonesia," Dadang added.

As the first and best IT campus in Bali, the technology created by STIKOM students and lecturers also supports government programs in the Bali Province, especially the tourism and agriculture sectors.

"With regard to the agricultural sector, some of our final assignments or research have been made. And the last thing to do is the automation of agricultural tractors. This has become a start up, and has received assistance from the Kemenristek Dikti to produce or follow up on farm tractor automation. "Later, the tractor can walk on its own, so there is no need for other people. We have received appreciation from Kemenristek Dikti, I heard that the President has ordered around 5 to 10 pieces, which might be given to farmers in Indonesia," he said.

Four start-ups assisted by the STIKOM Bali business incubator who won a grant of Rp 1.3 billion from the Ministry of Research and Technology, Jemari Chanel (endek Bali fashion rental and sales application), Agrito (internet of things-based hydroponic tool to help farmers), Pasupati (portal application for artists with connoisseurs and users of traditional arts services) and Trolls which are tractor control devices via smartphones.