Amlapura – Eighty five high school and vocational school teachers in Karangasem attended Seminar on Social Media Utilization conducted by STIKOM Bali in UMK Center Amlapura on Tuesday (19/01/2016). The Chairman of STIKOM Bali who was represented by I Made Sarjana, S.E., M.M. on his welcoming speech said this seminar emerged from STIKOM Bali concern on national generations’ character improvement into smart generations through the utilization of equal, selective and innovative social media. In other part of the speech, Made Sarjana said this seminar was also STIKOM Bali appreciation to Bali Society for the participation given so that STIKOM Bali has been moving forward to be the best, the biggest and the leading ICT College in Bali and Nusa Tenggara until nowadays. Besides, STIKOM Bali is identified as one of World Class Universities from The Webometrics University Ranking. In its relative growing age STIKOM Bali has been the winners of several competitions both in national and international levels. Every academic program in STIKOM Bali already obtained national accreditation in ‘B’ grade and also international accreditation, ISO 90001-2008. STIKOM Bali has more than 6000 students who are 75% Balinese youths.


I Gede Basma, the Secretary of Dinas Pendidikan Pemuda dan Olah Raga (PPO) Kabupaten Karangasem representing the Head of PPO, expressed the expectation on his speech that every coordinator teacher can get the benefits of this seminar especially which can be applied into their teaching process. The value of this seminar is expected to help them raising the students’ capability into positive progress. “To get knowledge needs such a high expense but STIKOM Bali is providing beneficial knowledge for Karangasem educational society with free of charge. I hope we can utilize this momentum optimally,” Gede Basma said and thanked STIKOM Bali several times on his speech.
The full day seminar presented Dedy Panji Agustino, S.Kom. as speaker and I Made Adi Purwantara, S.T., M.T. as moderator. In his presentation, Panji Agustino described the development of social media has been moving rapidly. In 2015 the number facebook user is reaching 1.5 billion persons include 70 millions Indonesian users. The amazing point of view is every day there is 100 hours uploaded video in Youtube, 1.4 millions searching in Google and 3.3 millions social media user updating their status. “Survey has shown there are many teenagers especially females who committed run away from home by the influence of social media.” said Panji Agustino and also he showed several reports from online media about what were happening in Bengkalis, Depok and Bekasi.
Panji Agustino has observed that students’ behavior at school can be very different with what they did on social media. “One can be an introvert person at school but extrovert on the internet social media. One can freely express the feeling of happy, angry or unsure. Therefore I suggest to the audiences to get acquaintance with their students especially on the internet social media as well. Through the social media, teachers can have another point of view about their students, Panji Agustino explained. Having understood what problems are faced by the students, teachers are expected to find the solution for the students by having ‘heart to heart conversation’. “So, it becomes easier for teachers to find the solutions by comparing the students habit at school and on online social media,” Panji added.(*)